Keeping Company, a gem of a film starring Devin Das (@devinPdas )

Ever had a bad day at work? Yes we all have but thankfully in all the bad works days I’ve had, I have never had a day like Noah and Sonny have. Watching Keeping Company, a new film by director Josh Wallace and writers Devin Das and Josh Wallace, we see unfold before our eyes a fateful chain of events begin to unravel when these two insurance salesmen go knocking on the wrong door and find themselves trapped in a stranger’s basement.

With razor sharp dialogue and a fantastic cast who relish the roles they inhabit, Keeping Company is one of those gems that whilst its wonderful for those who weren’t aware of the film beforehand  (me) to click play and see this feature length treat, its also a gem that I am going to love recommending to others knowing that if you have a realistic sense of humour, or have ever worked in a sales environment, or even come into contact with someone who has (and lets face it, that’s all of us) then you’ll love this film, I urge you to seek out and get that popcorn ready.  To go through everything I thoroughly enjoyed about Keeping Company would be to list of all the cast and crew and dissect every scene, but to save you from reading a short novel on this film, I will say that considering this is director Josh Wallaces feature film debut, then you have set a high benchmark Sir and I am very excited to see what films are coming from Josh’s direction in the future and when it comes to the writing side of things. I am hoping that Keeping Company, which was co-written by Devin Das (who also plays the role of Sonny in this film, and plays it brilliantly, dislikeable at times but loveable too in an equal balance) and Josh Wallace, isnt the last time these two work together on the written word.

A special mention also goes out to Jacob Grodnik as Lucas who……well im not saying. But trust me, Jacob’s performance is also a treat to watch and for those who love Entourage and who only recently finished their 4th rewatch of the entire show recently (me), it was great to see Rex Lee (LLOYD!!!!!!! from the hit HBO show) appear in Keeping Company, there is nothing more embarrassing than watching Keeping Company at near 2am in a dark room and when Rex appears onscreen shouting ‘LLOYD!!!!’ at the screen.  (yes I did that)

Huge thanks to all the cast and crew of Keeping Company for making such a fun film I  watched the film at Grmmfests Easter Horror Nights was also super fortunate enough to grab some time with Devin and Josh to chat about the film, dont worry NO spoilers are in this video but I thought you might enjoy it. 

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