British Films for 24 Hours ..Films 5 & 6 a @MrDDyer Double Bill

9 Hours into our 24hr British Film-A-Thon and things take a more popcorn and drop a slight gear with regards to intensity. Now I am not saying that as a negative but any film that follows Gary Oldmans Nil By Mouth is going to be a slight breath of relief.

I cant think of better Danny Dyer double bill than The Football Factory & The Business. (Perhaps Deviation & Severance)

the football factory

the business

How on earth can a British Film Marathon be complete without the always entertaining Mr Dyer. Im sure Twitter fan @USDannydyerfan would agree with me on that one.

So for the next 180 minutes or so, its Vertigo, Its Danny Dyer, Its Tamer Hassan and its loud volume time and some damn entertaining media.

The Football Factory is one of the first films I recall seeing Danny Dyer star in but certainly not the last. For those of you who want something extra special, check out the brilliant DVD commentary with Nick Love (director/writer) and Danny Dyer. Its funny as hell. The film might well glorify the hooligan world but it also doesnt hold back from showing you that it hurts when you get hit. Great film and coming from someone who doesnt like football (me) that doesnt make any difference. If you like entertaining films then check out The Football Factory.

Moving onto The Business. It reunites several members of The Football Factory crew in different but similar roles and adds something wonderful. 1980s nostaligia. Setting the film in the 80s Costa Del Crime was and is a masterstroke for this film, littering the film with music from Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Buggles to name a few old school music groups.

business 1


Great double bill choice. I only wish that Danny Dyer was in The Sweeney so this could have been a triple bill.


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