Trans, a thought provoking thrill ride from Writer Director Naeri Do,

Minyoung Go (played by Jeong-in Hwang ) a young girl with an eating disorder has dreams of becoming a transhuman to escape her life.  Following a very serious assault by some of her classmates Minyoung plans and plots revenge on the boys that attacked her by making her dreams of transformation into  a reality. This super smart film which does deal with a complex subject isnt a complicated film to follow and demands that you pay attention to the film as you follow Minyoungs journey.

Speaking with the films writer director Naeri Do, who spend 2 years creating the script, but the majority of this time period was researching the subject, So much work has gone into making Trans the best film and best story it can be.and Naeri has done a fantastic job, not just with the writing, but the films production also. As always I dont like to go into too much talk about the plot, or any form of spoiler, but will say that I highly recommend Trans, whilst the storyline isnt the same, it reminded me of the films I used to watch many years ago, such as My Science Project from 1985 and The Philadelphia Experiment from 1984, both films which explore transformations of a sort as well as the classic Altered States (a film which I do have plans to revisit soon)

Trans is a non linear thought provoking thrill ride with central performances that are not just wonderful but also believable. Jeong-in Hwang is fantastic as Minyoung and with Trans being only her second film (according to the IMDB) I cant wait to see her career as more roles are added to her filmography.  The same goes for writer director Naeri Do, and with so much work going into Trans, I do hope that its not over 2 years before another film comes from her. 

This film is smart, entertaining, thought provoking and a visual treat. so please do check it out when you can. 

The film screened at Grimmfest’s Easter Horror Nights 

As id mentioned, I had the chance to talk with Naeri Do and alongside a translate Elise, we had an interesting talk about the film and its production. Here is that chat. 

For more updates on the film, You can follow the official Instagram page here 

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