Some Other Things Ive Done

This page does change from time to time with new short films, and videos for you to watch for free. For now I wanted to put some of my own work in here for you to check out. There are some of my films, and of course lots of the interview films that I have shot over the years. I loved filming them all and am very proud of them all. Enjoy!

Screen One

Filmed in 2008 and not seen by many, this ‘lost’ film of mine was a fun travel and film experiment that I undertook in June 2008. I have updated some of the title credits on the film but everything else is untouched. Its now been reedited, its not been enhanced. What you see is what I did.

Screen Two

For a zero budget film, this has turned out pretty well. Now I know what you are saying. How can this be zero budget when I visit the places I visit and meet the people I meet. Well its quite simple. I was headed there anyway and just so happened to film my journey. I wanted to make this film as an experiment, to see if I could actually put something together that remotely interested people and so far the feedback has been lovely. The first line in the film states that I am not trying to make a film and that Im not a filmmaker and I truly stand by that. I dedicate this to all the proper filmmakers out there, who pour blood, sweat, tears and of course money into their projects and give the world something wonderful to see. Sure I love this project I have completed and Ill be lying if I didnt say I was super nervous about letting it out into the world for people to see. I know the way the internet works and it can be a vicious place. But spend a little time watching Experiencing Comic Con and even if it makes you think ‘oh hell I can do a better job than this’ then thats fine. I spend most of my time helping filmmakers publisize their work and running my own series of podcasts. But putting together Experiencing Comic Con gave me a glimpse about how difficult it can be to put a film together…..and for that reason alone. I loved this experience.

Screen Three

Starring in Neil Johnsons Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter, Tracey took some time out from her appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2016 to have a chat with me about her life, career and of course what it was like filming the scfi epic Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter

Screen Four

Stuart sits down with filmmakers Shaun Robert Smith (director of Broken), and Craig Conway (Broken, Doomsday) to chat about a range of topics including what it was like to work together on the film ‘Broken’

Screen Five

Before the screening of her feature directing debut ‘Darlin’ at Grimmfest 2019 I sat down with Writer/Director/Actor Pollyanna McIntosh to chat about her journey with the film Darlin and her role as ‘The Woman’ We also chat about Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee and just how long its taken us to finally get around to meeting.

Screen Six

Ive been a fan of Dani’s work for several years now and have followed her career as time goes by. How could I do a series of ‘Spending Time With…’ films without sitting down with Dani and chatting about her projects, past, present and future. Filmed in London in Late 2017.

Screen Seven

Recorded at the 2019 Grimmfest Manchester Festival, I sit down with Writer Director Staten Cousins Roe (A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life) and have a chat about life, filmmaking and Grimmfest

Screen Eight

Spending time at Grimmfest is always something I look forward to, and this year was especially wonderful as I was able to sit down and have a one on two chat with two of the worlds most exciting filmmakers The Soska Sisters. What you see here is just a glimpse of the great event ,and I do talk about what you dont see at the start of this conversation. It was such fun to be able to meet the minds behind American Mary, Dead Hooker In A Trunk and the 2019 revision of the Cronenberg classic film Rabid. Ive met them once but now consider them friends!

Screen Nine

Filmmaker Neil Johnson flips the tables on me and interviews me, whereas I am usually the one interviewing others. it was a strange experience, but a fun one.

Screen Ten

Chatting with Chad Ferrin, Kelli  Maroney, Robert Miano and Silvia Spross from The Deep Ones

Screen Eleven

Speaking with Jake Lovett and Vanessa Dubasso from ‘Revenge Ride’

Screen Twelve

Speaking with filmmaker Robert Woods (An Ideal Host)

Screen Thirteen

In the run up to this years Grimmfest:Virtual Edition, I spent some time chatting with filmmaker Ruben Pla (The Horror Crowd) as we talk about his documentary The Horror Crowd, how it came to be, where its going, and all things festivals. We also chat about how he chooses the projects he chooses and much more.

Screen Fourteen

Speaking with the directors of ‘Unearth’ John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies

Screen Fifteen

As part of this years Virtual Grimmfest Festival, I spoke with filmmaker Brea Grant about her film 12 Hour Shift, It’s 1999 and over the course of one 12 hour shift at an Arkansas hospital, a junkie nurse (Angela Bettis), her scheming cousin (Chloe Farnworth) and a group of black market organ-trading criminals (Mick Foley, David Arquette, Dusty Warren) start a heist that could lead to their imminent demises.

Screen Sixteen

Ahead of this years Grimmfest 2020:@Virtual Edition, Filmmaker, Writer, Broadcaster and a whole lot more, Mick Garris, sat down with me ‘virtually’ to talk about a whole range of topics, including Hocus Pocus (which Mick wrote), his relationship with Stephen King, and Micks career in general. It was not only an honour to spend an hour with the man himself, but such a delight to finally chat with one of my favourite creative souls!

Screen Seventeen

Many thanks to the Newcastle International Film Festival for letting me attend and wander around with my camera to capture only just some of the great events that happened this year. (2018)

Screen Eighteen

What an pleasure it was not only to sit in the same room as these two acting legends, but also to keep my hand held up filming it for the full duration of this 98 minute chat. No tripod was used and no hands were swapped. (thankfully my camera is a lightweight one) Many thanks for the Newcastle International Film Festival team for letting me film this super interesting chat and whilst I think this film is pretty damn cool. It doesnt match up to being sat in the room with these two guys (and meeting them afterwards)

Screen Nineteen

Sean Pertwee, Craig Conway, Neil Marshall take to the ‘stage’ after a screening of Neils film Doomsday and in a wonderfully relaxed chat with filmmaker Jake West, give the watching audience a treat behind the scenes of the film. Jake was a fantastic host even though Im super jealous he got to host this gig. (Great work Jake)

Screen Twenty

Speaking with Writer/Director Sylas Dall, Writer Bry Troyer (Writer), and Actor Mary Madaline in advance of the Grimmfest premier of They Reach, a tale of Jessica (played by Mary) , who stumbles upon a possessed tape player. She unknowingly unleashes a demonic entity

Screen Twenty One

Screen Twenty Two

Screen Twenty Three

Screen Twenty Four

Screen Twenty Five

Screen Twenty Six

Screen Twenty Seven

Screen Twenty Eight

Screen Twenty Nine 

Stacey Souther, director of the wonderful documentary Valerie, which takes us into the life one of the screens loveliest people. Valerie Perrine. Stacey and I virtually hung out to talk about the film, and his friendship with Valerie, and here is that conversation 

Screen Thirty

Screen Thirty One

Screen Thirty Two

Screen Thirty Three

Screen Thirty Four

Screen Thirty Five

Screen Thirty Six

Screen Thirty Seven

Screen Thirty Eight

Screen Thirty Nine

Screen Forty 

Screen Forty One

Screen Forty Two