Star Wars Episode 7 Writer confirmed

Once an assistant to Ferris himself (Matthew Broderick),

Michael Arndt left that job and began writing the screenplay for a very cool film entitled Little Miss Sunshine.

Fast forward to now and Michael has Catching Fire (a.k.a Hunger Games 2), and Toy Story 3 to his name.

But more than that, Michael Arndt has now been officially announced as the writer of Star Wars Episode VII.

A 40- to 50-page treatment has been written thats bringing the saga of the Skywalkers In a new trilogy beginning with Ep VII

The treatment is said to focus on new heroes and the film will feature appearances by Mark Hamill (Luke) and Carrie Fisher (Leia) in older incarnations

This wont be the last Star Wars news that I write or talk about. This project will keep people interested until the films release in 2015

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