UFO (2012) Written & Directed by @Dominicburns

If there is any type of film thats very risky for me to watch.Then a film about UFOs or Aliens is the risk. Let me fill you in on some background. My favourite film of ALL TIME is Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Its a film I have seen dozens of times, probably more than any other film that’s out there. So any filmmakers out there, beware. Making a film that has UFOs or Aliens or Alien abduction is the type of film that is very hard to get right and very hard to please me with.

Many have failed, only a few have succeeded.

So, how did I discover UFO, written and directed by Mr Dominic Burns. Well I followed the trail that first started with films like Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan (starring Nick Nevern and Simon Phillips) then went onto several films starring Simon Phillips which included Airborne (2012) directed by the previously mentioned Dominic Burns.



From there  I ended up discovering UFO.


One thing thats is always risky about films involving aliens or UFOs is film budget. Completing or even trying to do a film like that on a small budget is something thats very risky to attempt and even harder to succeed with, but UFO has managed it.

Yes you read that right. Low Budget Film involving UFOs works. (they are very few and far between. Trust me on that Ive seen most of the films involving the word UFO)

According to the IMDB the films budget was $2.5million and that my friends and readers is a damn low budget for a science fiction(fact) film I assure you.

So what did I like about the film?

Firstly the casting. It does though, have one of the most unusual casts that I have seen in a while.

Simon Phillips (Director of GBH and Star of many films)

Sean Brosnan (Son of Pierce Brosnan), who by the way sounds and looks just like his father. Its bizarre.

Sean Pertwee (awesome  actor who is always welcome in a film)

Bianca Bree (Daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme)

and finally. Mr Jean Claude Van Damme himself.

The cast works very well together (which always helps doesnt it)

Simon Phillips is always watchable and always ‘real’ if that makes sense to you, I have spoken with Simon on a show I did and he is so genuine its always a pleasure to see him in a role. In fact the whole cast gelled wonderfully together, credit where credit is due.

There is however one fight scene in the film that is very unusual to watch but thats not a negative remark.

Oh so you all want to know about the UFOs themselves dont you on this low budget film,well they are extremely well done the many FX crew members. Mother ships, attack fighters are all on screen and done wonderfully in the film.

Is it fair to have a review of a film and not point out something that I didn’t like? Well to be honest there wasnt really anything about this film that I didn’t like. Yes I was nervous about watching it beforehand, Yes I was unsure as to whether or not I would talk about it if I didn’t like it. But I did like it so am talking about it.

For those who liked the BBC TV series ‘Survivors’, then Id most definitely say check this film out. Im sure there are some people out there who expect every science fiction(fact) film to be Star Wars but just remember this film cost about a third of the cost of an episode of A Game Of Thrones. It works wonderfully and I cant wait to see what Writer/Director Dominic Burns lines up for us next.







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