What happened to: Sondra Locke

Its a way to tell someones age if they have ever heard of Sondra Locke. Partnering her name with Clint Eastwood should give a clue, but what ever happened to Sondra Locke?

The Outlaw Josey Wales,The Gauntlet,Every Which Way But Loose, Bronco Billy,Any Which way You Can and Sudden Impact were all films she starred in with Clint whom she was in a relationship with for 14 years. Post-Sudden Impact things went downhill with Clint and Sondra splitting (not amicably either) and resulting in lawsuits which lasted for years.

1990 saw Sondra face and go through a double mastectomy due to breast cancer., 1997 saw her publish an autobiography called The Good The Bad and the very Ugly  .

Acting wise not much happened for Sondra post-Sudden Impact.(1986) with 2 TV slots in a single episode and only 3 films. Nothing from 2000 onwards.

Considering Sondra Locke was in so many films in the 70s and 80s, its surprising to see that she vanished from the screens so fast. Was she the best actress around? No. But she was fine and in my opinion could have gone the way of Sally Field and carved out a nice career for herself.

Sadly she didnt.

Sondra did release her memoir, titled The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly: A Hollywood Journey, which also detailed the double mastectomy and chemotherapy that came with her first bout with breast cancer.

Sondra said about her book “I try to cover the good years as well as the bad and the ugly,” “Also, that in even the worst ugly things there can sometimes be a lot that will make you a better person.”

Sadly though on Movember 3rd 2018 Sondra, aged 74, died at her home in Los Angeles after a cardiac arrest stemming from breast and bone cancer,

RIP Sondra Locke.


20 thoughts on “What happened to: Sondra Locke

  1. well i think no matter what happend with my favorite actor,clint eastwood.i still think sondra is still and always will be a very beautiful woman.sondra is 20 years older but i would still love to b around her!!!!


  2. Sondra was awesome. None of those films in the 70’s and 80’s had “stellar” acting…not even from Clint himself. Cheesy, but enjoyable movies. I was saddened to hear of her breast cancer. Back in the day, she was hanging on my wall…lol…a most beatiful woman for certain.


    • It was while watching a bunch of Clint Eastwood films that IrealisedI hadnt seen Ms Locke on screen for years. I agree, she was a presence on screen and I hope that whatever she is doing. Shes enjoying it


  3. I always enjoy watching Clint Eastwood films and remember him from a television series in the 50s when he was the character Rowdy Yates. What made me look up Sondra Locke today was that I noted that in every film in which she stars with Clint, she is always posed in some way to look very sexually available. In The Gauntlet she is shown with her legs wide apart – clothed – but still the message is there. I always felt sorry for her because of that and even more so when she had her famous law battles with Eastwood who could have been more generous given his considerable fortune and that she had no doubt helped him to earn it by living with him and being his partner for so long. I wonder if her breast cancer later was as a result of her long court troubles?


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  9. Nice looking lady, but the Eastwood kids claim their are two sides to her story of her split from their Dad, and for some reason, she was especially hated by Clint’s daughter (“Dad could have picked anybody but HER!”) They compared her to the volatile Joan Crawford or Frances Farmer, so there really must have been some trouble that SHE caused

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  10. From what I gather of miss Sondra Locke….She seems somewhat Bi Polar….If I was living with a partner for years and years and they were still married to someone else ( It seems to me that being married was a safety net for Ms Locke)…..I would get very angry over time and start lashing out at my partner….why did she never get a divorce from Gordon?……There are probably 2 sides to this story…..and Clint shouldn’t have stayed with her for as long as he did and put up with her fake marriage….He should have been more honest to himself and more transparent with her


  11. Basically I found her to be a gold digger, couldn’t act or sing so how do you boost your career…. Stick with Clint Eastwood, any fool could see it but as they say love is blind .As they parted it sounded like she got mean and nasty and wanted everything Clint Eastwood had so best thing Clint did was get shot of her and as it shows as soon as they parted her career went down hill which proves my point


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