What happened to: Murtaughs Family from Lethal Weapon?

Continuing the seemingly popular ‘what happened to’ blogs that I do from time to time, I thought I would create this one after watching the first (and best) Lethal Weapon film from 1987.

lethal weapon

We all know that Danny Glover is still working as hard as ever so lets focus on the other members of the Murtaugh family. Yes they want onto be in the sequels, but how well did their careers do (either by choice or by fate) after the films.

darlene love
Darlene Love who played Trish (a.k.a Mummy Murtaugh was a singer long before she took the role in LW and has carried that career on to this day. her last acting role to date was LW4 in 1998,but her singing roles  are all over the place in such shows like Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show.

Traci Wolfe

Traci Wolfe who played the eldest daughter Rianne from all four of the LW films has never done another film since. There is no Wiki page for her. It does appear after further digging that Traci went back into the world of modelling where she still works nowadays.

Damon Hines

Damon Hines who played son ‘Nick’ had many small roles before and during the Lethal Weapon years but since then only took one role in a TV show for a single episode and appeared in a video called ‘Soul talkin’ in 2000.  Other than that zilch. What on earth caused all these family members to not pursue a career?

Ebonie Smith

Finally we come to little Ebonie Smith who played Carrie.

Born in 1978 so shes hardly the little girl we all picture her as, Ebonie went onto work her rear off and now has a fine arts degree in Film Production and Chinese Language & Culture and speaks Mandarin Chinese. Strange how time flies and that little girl who rapped about her sister fancying Mel Gibson would now be able to do the same in fluent Mandarin.

I still find it strange that pretty much everyone from that family just vanished from our screens but I suppose when you are in a great film like Lethal Weapon, how can you top it?



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