What happened to The Brody children from Jaws (1975)

After seeing Jaws on the cinema screen today, I decided to see what happened to the Brody children (or rather the actors who played them in the 1975 film)


It came as a shock to me that Chris Rebello who played Michael Brody sadly passed away November 30th year 2000, aged 37 after spending time being a landscaper, marrying, and becoming a Father of three.

Rebello was a native of Martha’s Vineyard, where “Jaws” was shot. He stayed on the island and was an assistant coach for the Martha’s Vineyard High varsity football team at the time of his death.

November 30th 2000 saw Chris falling ill deer hunting with friends in Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard when he collapsed and suffered a fatal heart attack.



Jay Mello who played the youngest Brody (Sean) was given a probation on a lewd act charge, after being accused by a nine-year-old girl. This was in 2009. According to The Sun paper/website, You can read those details here However The Sun has been known to be a little ‘off’ at times, but is one of the major UK papers so who knows!

And in 2010 he continued to work as a janitor at Lyndon State College, Vermont. That was until ‘underage kids’, who were at the college on a special programme, found him acting ‘creepy’. And  was jailed for violation of probation.

27 thoughts on “What happened to The Brody children from Jaws (1975)

  1. No jay mello was charged with rapeing his step daughter and never worked at lyndon state college and he ended up in jail for what he did and he does have 3 kids of his own


  2. I loved him in Jaws. Jay Mello (as Sean Brody) was the cutest little kid I have ever seen and good in the movie. Speilberg selected him for a reason. That’s all I have to say. I wish him the best.


      • The actor of Michael in the beginning looks so different from the one in the pond and hospital. Are you sure he wasn’t portrayed by 2 different actors. Even their accents sound different. The first one had a strong Long Island accent.


  3. Back off journalistic loser. You are using the fame of a charismatic child actor to get attention. Needy. Jay accomplished more than they ever will. I think you’re great Jay, and so does the majority . Ignote this loser. You are adorable and very funny. You are the one who worked with great directors. and actors. Everyone loves you,


  4. Nancy, you must be insane. Who cares if he WAS a cute kid. He was convicted of molesting his own stepchild and got locked up again for trying crap with other children. You’re going to ignor that because he was cute?

    You’re a damn nut case!!!


  5. Everyone knows guys get accused of that crap all the time when they are in the middle of a divorce. The nasty women always win and the guys get to be treated like crap. They can get locked up with no physical evidence and people will just keep accusing them of b.s. the rest of their lives. How do I know? My attorney suggested I do it.


  6. Before accusations and arguments of what’s true or not should always be verified. Name calling is childish and doesn’t make anyone credible. I almost believed one commenter and then considered another. Now I don’t know, but I’m not investing any time to find out.


  7. Pretty sure Jay mello molested the shark, and the shark was the one that had a heart attack while hunting. I know I wasn’t born back then but I am a Millenial and my IPhone doesn’t lie.


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