What Happened to Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing)

On a very recent episode of my podcast (The Movie Show by FromPage2Screen) Anthony Alex & I were chatting about the sad loss of Larry Hagman. Then we mentioned Charlene Tilton who played Lucy Ewing back in the day (and apparently in the updated Dallas too, but I havent seen that)

I wondered what Charlene looked like now so went hunting for some photos.

Heres what I found. Now bear in mind that Dallas began in 1978, I was only 7 and Charlene was born in 1958.

This is what she looked like when I remember her from Dallas.

Here is what she apparently looks like now.

Im not sure Anthony Alex will have the same thoughts about her now as he may have done back in 78.

Charlene Tilton-SGG-081256

I know that one picture is off the airbrushed extreme and the other is an every day shot of a ‘real person’ but I do like to see how someone has aged.

Hi to Charlene Tilton.


With all the Dallas news I think I might have to check out this updated follow on from the show that I remember as a child.



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5 thoughts on “What Happened to Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing)

  1. I meet her back in 1975, she must of been around 15 years old. I attended this workshop in West Hollywood called Salt & Pepper, I knew right there that she had all it took to be a famous actress and I remember telling her…. You are going to be a famous actress and you will forget about the rest of us!


  2. I will tell you what happened. She aged NATURALLY, haters. I admire her self-esteem and fact she’s one of the very few in Hollywood who has girl balls. Kudos Charlene from a woman who is 55!!!!O:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment. I am hoping there arent many ‘haters’ out there, When I wrote ‘What Happened to’ I refer to where she went from our screens. Not whether she aged or not. As you said. We all age, that wasnt the point of the article. It was more ‘Ive not seen her on a screen for a while. Glad shes okay’


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