Red River Road, survival in a pandemic. And one of the gems of my year.

The IMDB summary of Red River Road goes as follows’ A family of four isolating against a pandemic virus that spreads through the internet and robs you of your ability to perceive reality–often violently–begins to unravel when they suspect one or all of them might be infected.

The real life story of this films production should go as follows ‘A family of four isolating against a pandemic virus  decide to make one of the smartest films ive seen for a while and by using pretty much only the equipment they have in their home, they have made one of the film highlights of my year’ Welcome to Red River Road. 

This psychological character drama was a treat to watch, not just because of what I was seeing on screen, but also know that the family on screen are a family of actors (including Brody the amazing Dog) which of course reinforces the family dynamic of the onscreen characters. Written and Directed by Paul Schuyler, and Produced by Jade Schuyler, and starring Paul, Jade, Quinn and Shaw Schulyer, as the family members, we see them isolated during a fictional pandemic that spreads though internet capable technology  and infects our brains.  But even though Red River Road is a fictional film, it also resonates in many ways with the current pandemic that the world faces at the moment and so works well on more than just the one level. 

Until watching Red River Road, I wasnt family with the cast and crew behind the film, but from seeing what they have done in their own home, with their own equipment, and during a pandemic. Im very excited to check out more of their work, from the past, but also keep an eye on their filmographies in the future. I highly recommend checking out Red River Road when it is available for you to see .

I was able to sit down (virtually and safely) through my internet capable device and speak two Jade and Paul Schuyler to learn more about their film. You can view that conversation here . Thank you Paul, Jade and Quinn, Shaw and Brody for the film which I cant wait to recommend to others.

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