UK Indie Film Spotlight Launch: London To Brighton (2006) by @SteelMillPaul

As I mentioned in a previous article. I aim to shine some (more) light on films made in the United Kingdom. For more than one reason

(1) I live in the UK.

(2)These films whilst have had a lot of attention, definitely deserve more attention and shouldn’t be hidden under the piles of Hollywood projects that are out there.

These films are not in any specific order, so dont start thinking that its a Top Ten of any kind. All movies are different and I am never a fan of ranking them against each other (although I might do a Top Ten at the end of the year. Who knows)

The first film that I ve chosen to shine a light on is a film that I first saw back in 2007. Im not sure what caused me to purchase the DVD. at that time I hadnt heard of the cast, the creator or the title itself. But for whatever reason I bought the DVD and the film has remained in my collection for the past five years.

That film is called: London to Brighton.










London To Brighton  starts with a woman (Kelly, played by Lorraine Stanley) & an eleven year old child (Joanne, played by Georgia Groome) bursting into a public toilet cubicle. Joanne is crying her eyes out and Kelly has one hell of a black eye.

Kelly eventually gets them both on a train to Brighton and this is where we are very aware they are on the run from someone

With some scenes told in flashback, we learn more about why Kelly & Joanne are on the run, who from, and how they met in the first place.

This is the sort of film where  I am reluctant to divulge too much of the storyline as half of the films power is in the films unfolding of the story of Joanne and Kelly.

However I will say that the film is incredibly powerful and there  are some scenes that might disturb. But that is the point of the scenes. It can be an uncomfortable film to watch but there is nothing in this film that isnt possible.

This was writer/director Paul Andrew Williams feature film debut and what an amazing debut it was. After having worked on short films previous to London To Brighton, Paul has thankfully carried on working extremely hard on his subsequent projects, including Cherry Tree Lane & The Cottage) But this article is to focus yo on London to Brighton, a film that needs to be watched by anyone wishing to see some of the best films that the UK has to offer.

I cant praise if highly enough, and the lead performances are perfection.  Its with a great privilege that I begin shining light on UK films with this project.

The Trailer

The IMDB Page

Purchase the film through Amazon here.

Writer/Director Paul Andrew Williams.


Chat to him on Twitter




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