New Year Resolutions Series #3 :By @DavidLGHughes

One of the highlights of last year (crikey, where has 2012 gone?) was deciding to begin The British Movie Show podcast that recently uploaded its eighth episode onto Itunes, Spreaker and Stitcher(Android).

That show opened with a wonderful 50 minute conversation with the writer,director of a very cool British crime thriller called Hard Boiled Sweets. His name is David LG Hughes and to this date he is the only person (other than myself) who has appeared more than once on The British Movie Show Podcast.

imagesThe show launched with a conversation about David’s career, his current movie (Hard Boiled Sweets) as well as his past projects (Girl and a Gun being one of them)

So of course when I wanted to contact a select few to ask about their new year resolutions, I had to include David in that list.


So what are the plans, dreams, goals of this very talented filmmaker, but more to the point he is a wonderful guy who has always given me the time of day whether its a question sent to him on Twitter or a rather longer message from me to him sent by email. Well lets find out.

I tend to set short term goals rather than year long ones.
If I have a major goal that needs to be achieved, then I work out all the smaller things that need achieving first and set myself deadlines for all of them.
For example, if I have an idea for a script, I’ll give myself a week to write the first pass of a short treatment and then send it out to my management team for feedback. Depending on the reaction, I’ll give myself another week to develop this out to a full blooded treatment. Then that goes out for feedback. Once I have a treatment that my team is convinced is a movie, I settle down to write the script. I set myself a minimum requirement of 10 pages a day. Which means I should be able to write and proof read the first draft of a script in 10 days.
My wife, Charlotta Hughes, who is a Life Coach (, encouraged me to work this way. I find it really works for me.


 So there you go, not only an insight into David’s resolutions, but also an insight into the world of a writer, director. Thats one of the  wonderful things about talking to people from the media world, you can learn about the many ways these talents use to create the worlds we spend our leisure time watching.
For more about David LG Hughes, check out the following pages.
For those of you havent (and why havent you) Do check out this trailer for David’s feature film. Hard Boiled Sweets

Thanks to David for sharing his new year plans with me. I look forward to keeping up to date with him and of course finding out how everything goes to plan through 2013.

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