24hour British Film Marathon.The 8th film was Directed by @DannyDonnelly

Its a strange thing. Im not a follower of football and have never been a fan of football, but I really do enjoy British films that feature football. Not because they feature a sport that I dont care about, but because the films usually arent really about the sport at all.

Take the 8th film in my 24hr British Film Marathon. Payback Season. Released in 2012, Starring Adam Deacon (who featured in Victim, and 4,3,2,1 which I watched way earlier) and Leo Gregory (who is the link between this film and the previous film Cass)

Written & Directed by Danny Donnelly who produced the previously mentioned Victim. The film Payback Season is more about the trials and issues that come with friendships and loyalty than it is about the sport of football. Its more to do with moving on, or staying behind than it has to do with penalty shots and football kits.

Trust me. If the film was purely about the sport of football, the chances are I wouldnt have watched it, or at the very least, watched it more than once. (this is my third viewing of the film since its release)

payback season

Definitely check  out Payback Season if you like well written well shot, entertaining films. I might also add that the soundtracks pretty good too.

Thanks to all involved in this film and its now 2.05am, Im 14 hours into my 24 hour film-a-thon and Payback Season is a great choice.

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