The British Connection

As some of you should know (ive blogged and tweeted about it enough) February for us is a month of British films.

It all began with a viewing of Paul Andrew Williams’s Cherry Tree Lane. (read a previous article about that awesome film)

After watching that movie I decided that it would be a rather cool idea to try and link all the British films we are watching this month to the previous film we have watched. So it begins.

What I shall be doing is updating this article page with all the titles and the link it has from the previous film.  Wish us luck.

11:32am Monday Feb 4th.

The housework is all done, a cup of coffee sits next to me and from now til 12 noon I am not watching any television. Annette & I shall be doing enough of that in the next 24 hours as be watch British Movies non stop (well other than bathroom breaks, and sticking the kettle on) until Midday Tuesday February 5th 2013.

The longest movie marathon that I have ever done was 18 hours last October. A horror film marathon. That was hard work but I really enjoyed doing it. As Im sure I will love this British Film-A-thon. I know its going to be hard work. Yes I know…how hard can it be to sit down and watch films for a whole day. Well trust me. It is. usually when you get  about 8 hours into it and beyond

1:- Cherry Tree Lane (2010)


(co starred Ashley Chin) who also co-starred in

2:- Victim (2011)


(which co starred Adam Deacon who also appeared in)

3: 4,3,2,1, (2010)


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