What happened to: The kid from The Shining

Doing some research for an up and coming podcast about Stanley Kubricks The Shining, it got me to wondering whether or not Danny Lloyd (playing Danny Torrance) was still acting.

Checking out his IMDB link indicates that he stopped acting in 1982, some more research dug up this recent photo of him.

According to a source, Danny Lloyd teachesAnatomy and Physiology in Elizabethtown, Kentucky at the community college. Strange tale though he apparently kicked a guy out of a class because the guy asked if he was the kid in “The Shining”.

Come on Danny, people love The Shining and you were excellent in it. Dont punish people for asking things like that of you

Also rumour has it that at the beginning of each semester, Danny tells his students ‘anyone asking about The Shining, fails the class’

21 thoughts on “What happened to: The kid from The Shining

  1. oddly enough, in the book, the father has to get the care taker job because he was a teacher and he beat up a kid and got fired….


  2. I’m a journalist in Elizabethtown and he does (or he did the last time I checked) work for our local community college. A former colleague of mine repeatedly approached him for an interview and he declined.


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