Film 7 in my 24hr British Film Marathon was written by @Cass_Pennant

As part of my British Film 24 Hour Film-A-Thon, I wanted to make sure that I watched some films that I hadnt seen before,but also some films that I had seen but not for many years. This later category is where the film Cass fits in.

Released in 2008, the film tells the turbulent life of Cass, who grew up in the 60s and beyond, being raised by a white couple in London.


His journey through life includes time in prison and time involved in the ICF, a crew connected to football violence. There is no way that I would try or could sum up the film or Cass’s life in a single article here, so I wont even try. But rest assured , Cass is a great story. A great film with a great cast (including Leo Gregory and London to Brighton’s Lorraine Stanley.

This film is loved by those who have seen it, but should always be seen by those who havent.

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