What happened to Brad Fiedel ?

Some of you may recognise his name, some of you may not. But ALL of you who have seen the following films will go ‘ahhhhh’ once I tell you that Brad composed the music for : The Terminator, Terminator 2, True Lies and a ton of other projects. But Brad is most famous for his James Cameron work.

I was watching a James Wood/Robert Downey Jnr film this morning called True Believer and up came Brad’s name as composer which got me thinking.

Where is Brad Fiedel?

Well after a fair amount of research I am glad to say that he is still around although hasnt any movie score credits to his name for the past 10 years. (which is a shame as I love his music)

So what made him stop appearing on the IMDB? Well I found this note apparently typed by Brad on his facebook page March 2010

Hi Everyone,I am touched and appreciative that there are people out there that care about the work that I have done. Thank you. Just wanted to let you all know I am alive and very well. I have just completed designing and building a surf retreat in Mexico. I started surfing about 9 years ago, and after more than 25 years sitting in studios most of the time, it is great to be out in the ocean watching the sun rise and the dolphins go by.I am also working on a musical. A labor of love I’ve been working on for several years now for which I’m writing the script( or “book” as they say on Broadway), music and lyrics.The discussion of why I stopped scoring films and TV is a long one. I’ll go into it a bit here.I would like to clarify that I was not disgusted with Hollywood when I left. I have seen this said in a few places and it saddens me. If I ever said anything like that I am afraid it’s been taken out of context. There were some major shifts that happened over the years that caused the role of film composer to change in ways that were not as enjoyable for me personally as an artist. After 25 years, I decided to move on to new challenges. I have a lot of respect for many of the composers out there as well as the filmmakers. I just needed to make a change. During most of my career, I really was excited to be getting the opportunity to create original scores. I was very lucky to be given an open creative space for my musical imagination and expression on most of the projects I was hired on. When, for various reasons, I lost that excitement, and the conditions changed on a number of projects I was working on, I realized that I needed to find new venues to bring me that kind artistic freedom and satisfaction. The deeper and deeper entrenchment in “temp” tracks was a big factor in this. Where, in the past, I had a clean slate to start from, I was more and more often being asked to do something like what the filmmakers had already fallen in love with on their temp track. I felt that one of my biggest contributions of coming up with a whole musical concept from scratch was no longer possible on the particular projects I was being offered. Anyway, that’s basically it. Again, thanks for your interest,





So there you have it. I hope all is well Brad, and that you are enjoying what you do. We do miss your scores.

Here is a clip of one of Brad Fiedels most famous tracks


3 thoughts on “What happened to Brad Fiedel ?

  1. I have been trying to contact Brad Fiedel for PhD research. I would like to ask him about his work on T2, specifically how music and sound design we co-created to mesh effective. Did he collaborate with Rydstrom or was everything done at the dub. Do you have a contact for Fiedel? I’d be much obliged.


    • Sadly I dont have any contact details for Brad’s team. I am a fan of his music however which was the main reason for writing this posting. You could try and post something on his IMDB page In the hope that someone there has a contact for him.


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