Get ready to encounter ‘An Ideal Host’ at Grimmfest ( @grimmfest )

Dinner parties are fun right? Hmm Im not sure about that. personally I prefer smaller gatherings with friends that I seem quite often, but Liz (played by Nadia Collins ) has her plans of wanting to host the perfect dinner party with quite a few friends that she hasn’t seen for a little while but when an unexpected guest sends the evening into chaos her well organised gathering is thrown off the track with potentially disastrous consequences. Welcome to An Ideal Host, a film by Robert Woods.

I was fortunate enough to speak with the films director a week or two ago and one of my comments to him was that this film would work wonderfully as a ‘stage play’, Robert replied to me that this film idea came out of something very close to that idea. Robert gathered with a group of very talented improve friends and decided to see what wonders they could come up with. From there came An Ideal Host, a charming, funny, rapid fire dialogue piece of greatness. It still keeps its stage performance feel to it but this adds to the films charm and makes it something ‘different’ to what it might have been if it was always planned as a film from the offset.

With a great mix of characters you love and characters you want to slap, An Ideal Host feels like an actual party that we have all im sure attended at some point over the years. We either want to be the one sitting at the table joining in the conversation, or the one hiding in the kitchen, hoping that noone comes in to steal the sausage rolls. Its not an easy film to write about or talk about without going into spoilers and protecting those spoilers is of high value. Go into this film not knowing anything about it, other than that you will thank me later for the recommendation. Remember that friend who moans about films all being the same and never finding anything ‘different’ or ‘unique’ Well An Ideal Host will have them covered. Its a fun journey and will put smiles on your faces and there is also definitely enough to put smiles on the faces of horror fans.

An Ideal Host screens at Grimmfest (Virtual Edition) on October 9th.

Tickets can be bought here

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