You should experience ‘Alone’ at Grimmfest ( @grimmfest )

What should be a simple a- to- b house move journey for Jessica (played by Jules Willcox) , turns into a deadly cat and mouse game when she encounters what easily has to be one of the creepiest men ive seen on screen all year. Forced to fight for her life after she is snatched by ‘The Man’ Jessica uses her wits, against not only this crazed killer, but her battle against the wilderness elements also tests her resolve in this super tense thriller from filmmaker John Hyams ( Black Summer, Z Nation, Universal Soldier:The Reckoning)

The onscreen story ( based on the 2011 Swedish film Försvunnen) sits on the shoulders of its two main cast members, brilliant played by Jules, and also Mattias Olsson (who co directed the aforementioned 2011 film) as ‘the kidnapper’ and their cat and mouse game will have you shouting at the scream ‘run!!!’ , ‘no!!!’, ‘what are you doing that for!!!’ and various other things we love to shout at the screen, even though the character we are shouting at, cant possibly hear us. But we do it anyway, and watching Alone, I was guilty of that.

John Hyams has directed a fantastic tense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The cinematography is stunning and makes great use of its outdoor locations in Portland, Oregon. It does make you want to visit the area, but if there is a crazy man lurking out there. Then I think ill stick to watching Alone, and looking at the wilderness on my screen.

Check out Alone, and get those lights turned out!

Alone is screening at this years Grimmfest (Virtual Edition) and tickets can be bought here

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