Watching Kill Kane ( @killkanemovie ) written and directed by Adam Stephen Kelly.

When a family mans world is torn apart , he feels no choice but to handle the justice the only way he believes how. Outside the law and rapidly. This is the very basic premise of Kill Kane, starring Vinnie Jones as Ray Brookes


Kill Kane is the latest film by Adam Stephen Kelly, whos previous directorial project was the short film Done In, a very clever 8 minute project filmed in 2014. Adam also have a whole host of producer projects on his impressive CV including Top Dog, We Still KIll The Old Way and Age Of Kill. The man is no stranger to a film set thats for sure and more than likely learned a lot of his filmmaking talents on location and now gives the world his feature length debut with Kill Kane.


As I mentioned, Kill Kane has a very basic premise but thats all thats needed for the film and for the characters. Not every film has to contain a unique plot, I happen to love films that ‘do as they say on the tin’ and Kill Kane definitely does that for me. Vinnie Jones is on point as Ray Brookes, who witnesses a gangland execution and is then tracked down by for the most stereotypical cinematic bad guys. I say for the most because this is where the excitement comes in for me, with the side characters in Kill Kane. Im not taking anything away from Vinnie, but he plays a similar role that he has played in a lot of films, but he does it well and gives the audience what Im sure they want.  Sean Cronin is excellent as Kane Keegan, the Kane in the title and who is the face of evil in the storyline. Whilst I am not delving into too many story points I will say that the scenes featuring Sean Cronin were my favourite.

For those who recognise Sean Cronin, you might have seen him in the James Bond movie The World is not enough, or the recent Tom Cruise film Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.  Great work Sean. Its also worth noting that Nicole Faraday, Sarah Alexandra Marks, and Michael Bailey also take great roles as the family of Ray Brookes and add great dimensions to characters that could so easily have been token roles. In the short running time and scenes we get to know the family quite a bit which add to building up tension and shock when needed.. Nicole Faraday especially is great in her scenes and does make you wish for more running time for her here. I was a fan of the TV show Bad Girls many years ago and it was great to see Nicole on screen then, and on screen now, although she has kept herself busy with appearances a host of projects including the film Top Dog .  Great casting all round.


So how has Adam Stephen Kelly done with his feature film debut. Well he has done a great job on which I am sure was a low budget shoot with a short shooting schedule. He has taken a very simplistic storyline and easily entertained us for the 70 few minutes of Kill Kane. If I had a critique, id say I wished the film was longer, but the film is as long as the story needs to be, so who am I to comment.

The cinematography is spot on, and well other than the running time being short, but ive already talked about that. Kill Kane is a totally enjoyable film that will ring true for fans of films such as Vendetta or Death Wish to a slightly lesser extent. I cant wait to see what Adam works on next.

Kill Kane is out now on DVD and Digital

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