Rollin with the Nines starring @terrystone @vasblackwood

One of the dilemmas I have with being a film fan is just which film to watch. With so many films being released its near impossible to catch up with everything. Add to that the insane amount of back catalogue films that are out there, I am never going to run out of films to watch. Im also just talking about the British films, Having caught up on a few films this week I decided today to spend the day selecting a few films from the DVD shelves in my home and watching some of them for the very first time. This afternoon I watched Rollin With The Nines, a 2006 film by Julian Gilbey, whose directorial work I was familiar with. A Lonely Place to Die, Rise Of The Footsoldier, Plastic, and of course now Rollin With The Nines., a seriously brutal and fantastic film set in the UK and taking us deep into the heart of drug wars, revenge, and how on earth police deal with it all.


To say that is the plot is a total disservice as there are so many plots going on in the film, I could actually write a full page on it (but I wont) Needless to say the film is fantastic. Its also a film that I have heard talked of, but not as much as it should be talked about. Is it one of those that was huge at the time of its release in 2006?, a time before I watched as many UK films as I do now or did the film slip under peoples radar. I honestly dont know but I do know that the film is definitely another gold medal for Julian Gilbey and Will Gilbey for writing it,


The casting is excellent with names such as Billy Murray (Freight), Vas Blackwood  (The Guvnors), Robbie Gee (The Fades), Jason Flemyng (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells), and Patrick Regis (Rose) to name a few, but for me the real standout performances were from Terry Stone as Detective White in a performance that I think I might rank as his best one. Ive seen Terry in a load of films but his portrayal here as ‘Andy White’ could well be my favourite of his. This guy needs a TV series and reminded me of Vic Mackay in The Shield. Great work… Naomi Taylor as ‘Hope’ was also fantastic in her role, and whilst the film has many characters with their own stories. ‘Hope’ is one of the main threads running through this film. Checking out her IMDB page its a shame she hasnt appeared in more films.


If you like your films serious and brutal when needed, and love a great storyline filled with characters you like but also ones you love to dislike, then definitely check out Rollin WIth The Nines. If you hadnt heard of the film before, then now you have no excuse.



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