From filmmaker Liam Regan comes the chance to own My Bloody Banjo on Blu-ray. In a new uncut Director’s Cut & loaded with special features ( @refuseliam )

From filmmaker Liam Regan (Eating Miss Campbell)  comes the chance to own My Bloody Banjo on Blu-ray. In a new  uncut Director’s Cut (94 minutes and with new scenes) which is available for the first time ever with an unseen ending (I cant tell you what the ending is, because you know. its unseen so far). So what do I know about My Bloody Banjo. well its a fun super gory film and features James Hamer-Morton, Clay von Carlowitz, Serena Chloe Gardner, Laurence R. Harvey, Dani Thompson, and the King of Troma. Mr  Lloyd Kaufman.  My Bloody Banjo tells the story of a young man who becomes manipulated by his imaginary friend to exact revenge on his tormenting co-workers. and its brutal! So brutal that it was in fact banned by Walmart and Amazon Prime were super mad at the film 

The bluray sale is limited to only 1,000 factory pressed Blu-ray discs (playable worldwide) and  each Blu ray will be signed and individually numbered by director Liam Regan himself. (hes lovely like that!)

As well as the film itself, youll also get the Festival Cut on the disc and three full length audio commentaries, a feature Length Making of Documentary, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Gore Reel and much more!

So treat yourself (or your friends)  and you can order the bluray here

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