Spending Time With…Tiffany Hannam-Daniels ( @TiffanyHD )

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” is a quote from English/Canadian actress and model Tiffany Louise Hannam-Daniels and its a great quote to remember and live by. Knowing that she wanted to be an actor at a very early age. Tiffany’s first professional age 10  was playing the young Jamie King in ‘True True Lie’, and followed up with a Disney Hannah Montana promo and a voiceover role as the ghost of John Cusack’s dead daughter in the adaption of Stephen King’s feature film ‘1408’. Rather than go through her entire filmography ( which you can read here ) I would love to you to check out Tiffany’s answers to the pre-prepared Spending Time With…questions which I sent over to her.   I always enjoy reading peoples answers as even though the questions are the same. the answers never are,

What was the most recent book you read?

I must admit I haven’t sat down to read a book in far too long! But one of my favourite books is ‘The God of Small Things’

What age would you like to be again?

Oooh that’s a tough one. I feel I would maybe like to go back and redo a lot of my teenage years. I had a lot of personal stuff going on which meant I didn’t do the whole ‘typical teenager’ thing, which would maybe be fun to do! But I would love to go back to my childhood to be able to see a lot of loved ones who are no longer with us.

Out of all the characters you’ve played, which one is the most like you?

I think all of them have an element of me in them, which is one of the fun parts of being an actress!

What is one of your most favourite locations you have filmed or performed in?

I loved filming in Romania when I was younger. Seeing a completely different cutler was very eye opening. And filming in Gran Canaria was a beautiful experience.

Do you have any ‘props or keepsakes from any of your films or shows?

I have a t-shirt from the resort I filmed on in Gran Canaria.

Do you remember who got your first autograph?

I do! It was actually my friends! I was 10 years old and had just got my first professional role in ‘True True Lie’ and my friends thought it was so cool. So they got one of those blue paper towels from the dispenser and asked me to sign it. They said they would keep it to sell when I was famous one day 😂

Have you ever gotten someone’s autograph? Which is the most memorable for you?

Brian Connolly. I watched him in a production of ‘The Music Man’ and he was so lovely. He even took a picture with me.

What is the ONE single coolest movie geek thing you own?

I have a limited edition Barbie doll of Sandy from ‘Grease’.

What is one film that gives you the ‘creeps’? Or scares you.

Hmm I’m not very good with scary movies despite loving Halloween! But I am absolutely petrified of ‘The Grudge’

Do you have an ‘off switch’ when not working, and how does it work?

I have a few ways. I’m a bit of an exercise freak, it’s one of the only ways I can relax, ironically! I’m also a really good baker and own my own small vegan gluten free baking business. It’s a different type of creative outlet. But also, just spending time with people I love and care about, as cliche as that sounds!

How do you prepare for an audition?

It really depends on what type of audition it is and what it’s for. For roles that don’t require much research or character development I find simply going for it and going with your gut instinct on how it should be done to be the best way. But for more in depth roles I spend some time going over the lines and trying it a few different ways. I also think about how other actors I admire would perform it and maybe add accents of them to my version.

What’s the first thing you do when you get on ‘set’.

Say hi to everyone! I think it’s so important to get on good terms with the whole cast and crew. It’s an ensemble and it’s important to establish that straight away.

Do you prefer day shoots or night shoots?

Definitely day shoots, I love my sleep too much 😂

If you had to make a ‘bucket list’ of people you’d love to work with, tell me one name who would be on it?

That’s almost impossible! There are literally so many! But Maggie Smith is a big one for me. As is Jennifer Anniston and Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Christopher Walken, Sterling K. Brown and anyone from ‘Ted Lasso’.

With regards to your own projects? What are you working on that you can tell me about?

I’ve recently finished filming with Howard J Ford for his latest film ‘The Escape’ which was super fun. Howard is amazing to work with. I’ve got another film set to release in the next few months called ‘To England with Love’. I’m due to start filming the short ‘Ash Sunday’ in the next few months written by the brilliant James Alexander Allen.

Do you read reviews of shows that you are in?

I do! I think it’s important to see how your work is being perceived. But you also have to take it with a pinch of salt as art is so subjective.

Let’s shine a light on some of your past work. Which of your projects are you most proud of?

Again that’s so tough! I’m actually really proud of a stage production I was in a few years ago called ‘The White Bike’. I played the lead and it was a very dialogue heavy play where I only left the stage twice during the whole production which had no interval! From a personal standpoint as well it was a big achievement for me.

Out of all the projects you’ve done, which one do people seem to ask you the most about?

I quite often get asked about Howard J Ford’s ‘The Lockdown Hauntings’. I think because it was such a unique film, being filmed by Howard all by himself during lockdown, which is such an amazing achievement. It was a real privilege to be part of.

What’s the most difficult thing about your creative journey?

Honestly, the rejection. Having to keep applying for jobs day in day out and quite often not hearing back, it’s tough. The best way I can describe it is like getting your heart broken every day by the career you love. But I always say you have to love it more than you hate it. Because when it’s working, it’s the best.

And, the flipside. What’s the most enjoyable for you?

Getting to do the thing I love with other people who’s brains work like mine!

I was tweet chatting with Mick Garris (The Stand, Hocus Pocus) recently and asked him which name spring to mind when he thought ‘Oh MY God i’ve met them’ My reply was George A Romero (Night Of The Living Dead), Mick’s was Steven Speilberg. Who would yours be?

Ooh that’s tricky. I remember when I met Steven Seagal. I was very young and my granddad was a huge fan! But to be honest, I still have to pinch myself that I’m lucky enough to have so many well known and talented actors and people in the business close to me in my life such as Angela Dixon and Howard J Ford. That to me is incredible.

You can view Tiffany’s Spotlight Page HERE

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