Entering ‘The Changing Room’ a short film by Sam Evenson, starring Jamie Taylor Ballesta & Alan Maxson


Written and Directed by Sam Evenson, ‘The Changing Room’ stars Jamie Taylor Ballesta ( 13 Reasons Why) as a woman who does something that we have all done. Entered a stores changing room to try on some new clothes. What is for most of us a very simple task, for Jamie’s unnamed character this is far from an easy thing as she quickly finds that she has entered the most dangerous room of her life. Its not easy to go into it much more than that due to its short running time but I will say that The Changing Room features really cool VFX by Sam Evenson and a great performance by Jamie Taylor Ballesta and I think that in a few years time, we will see that The Changing Room has become a feature length film and we can look back to this four minute short film to see where it all began.  So if you have a few minutes to spare (or can find a few minutes to spare, and want to check out a great short film. Do check out The Changing Room which you can view here 

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