Patrick Bergen stars in ‘Nutcracker Massacre’ Releasing digitally on 12th December

NUTCRACKER MASSACRE is the perfect Christmas treat (and of course good movies arent just for Christmas) – for horror fans who like their films bloody and frightening. Packed with scares, gory kills – including one wince-inducing scene that’ll put you off midnight snacking for life – and enough laughs to keep you from spending the whole time hiding behind the sofa, the film also introduces a new genre monster to audiences – the Nutcracker, a seven foot murderous wooden Prussian soldier, that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your Christmas tree. Traditionally, soldier-shaped nutcrackers are supposed to ward evil spirits away from your home, not invite them in!

Clara, a struggling, young romance novelist, receives an invitation from her beloved aunt to spend Christmas holidays with her. When she arrives at the secluded countryside cottage, sees that her aunt has a life-sized nutcracker doll by the Christmas tree. Something about the doll unnerves her. That night, at the stroke of midnight, the star on the Christmas tree glows, as do the eyes of the life-size nutcracker. It comes to life and kills a delivery man who has come to the house – and its reign of havoc has only just started…

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