Gerry Anderson – A Life Uncharted Extended Director’s Cut set to arrive on bluray January 2023 from Network ( @networktweets )

Over a sixty year career Gerry Anderson created some of the world’s most beloved children’s television series – including ThunderbirdsStingrayCaptain ScarletSpace:1999Terrahawks and Space Precinct. In a fitting tribute to this television and film pioneer Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted uses a wealth of intimate audio archive combined with cutting-edge AI deepfake technology to allow Gerry to tell his own story on screen for the first time.

With exclusive access to previously unpublished interviews alongside new contributions from friends, family and colleagues, this emotionally charged and deeply personal documentary shares the untold stories that defined his life and body of work. From a poverty-stricken childhood raised by a Jewish father and an antisemitic mother, through a lifetime of personal struggles, this documentary maps Gerry’s previously uncharted journey to puppetry pioneer, science fiction master and legendary creator.

Initially there wasnt any details on how much longer this extended version would be, but then……on the wonder that is Twitter. 

You can pre-order this blu ray over at the Network site HERE 

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