Warner Bros. Home Ent set to release Superman II (both versions), Superman III, and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in 4K restorations. 2023

With Superman:The Movie already flying around out there on a stunning 4k blu ray, Its great news that  Warner Brothers are planning to release the sequels Superman II, Superman III, and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in 4K Ultra HD in early 2023. And for completists  The 4K Superman II will include original theatrical version as well as the Richard Donner Cut. Not too much more details on any extra features, pricing, or even an accurate date. but hey any news about the Christopher Reeve Superman era is great news, and being a huge fan of Sarah Douglas, 4K Ursa is always great news too!   I still have and watch the steel tin Superman collection that came out in 2007 and contains 13 DVDs with all the Christopher Reeve films as well as the Bryan Singer film (which I havent rewatched since. Oh yes 2007) But other than that version of Superman, the 13 DVD set is great and has so many special features I cant list them, So with the news that the Reeve films are getting the 4k treatment, for me, ill be more focused on the special features that the films contain. Im still hoping one day the TV versions of Superman II and Superman III are released, Having seen them bu not for years, they are definitely due a rewatch.

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