Out Now. ‘Masters Of Make-Up Effects: A Century Of Practical Magic’ by Howard Berger and Marshall Julius ( @MarshallJulius @ForbiddenPlanet )

Im always excited when a new Post Morton podcast episode from Mick Garris and Joe Russo drops into my ipod and especially love the ‘fun sized’ Ask Mick Anything episodes where we can email or tweet in and, well you know Ask Mick Anything. A recent episode does the unusual and features a couple of guests. Howard Berger and Marshall Julius who have put together a fantastic sounding book Masters Of Make-Up Effects: A Century Of Practical Magic which is released here in the UK on the 26th of September.  (You can listen to Mick and Joe chat with Howard and Marshall HERE )

In the book you can dive into the world of movie make-up effects with this stunning illustrated oral history of the art form which helps celebrate make-up artists and acclaimed make-up effects from the world of film and television over the years.

Authors Howard Berger and Marshall Julius have gleaned untold stories from the sets of cult classics (Planet of the Apes, An American Werewolf in London, The Thing), fan-favourite film and TV franchises (Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the MCU) and modern blockbusters like Dune to chart the fascinating evolution of an industry.

Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos, many of which have never before been seen in print or on social media, it showcases some of the most iconic make-up effects of all time, while revealing how they came to be in the artists’ own words.

Featuring a foreword by Guillermo del Toro, an afterword by Seth MacFarlane, and contributions from more than 50 make-up effects legends, as well as iconic actors including Doug Jones, Robert Englund, James McAvoy and Doug Bradley, and directors Mick Garris and John Landis, Masters of Make-Up Effects is the most complete book on movie make-up history ever assembled, and a must read for cinema fans everywhere.

The book will be at most great book retailers including the Forbidden Planet website here  

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