Psychological thriller ‘Marooned Awakening’ premiered at Beau Sejour Theatre, on the island of Guernsey this month.

Murray Mcarthur, Cameron Ashplant and Brian Webster

On Saturday the 3rd of September, British psychological thriller ‘Marooned Awakening’ premiered at Beau Sejour Theatre, on the island of Guernsey, where production took place in 2021 and the team have shared some photos from that event. ‘Marooned Awakening’ stars Murray McArthur (Game of Thrones, Wednesday), Cameron Ashplant (The Last Bus), Tilly Keeper (Eastenders, You) and Tim McInnerny (Notting Hill, Blackadder).

As you can see both Murray and Cameron attended the event and were seen on the red carpet, along with Producers Roger Le Tissier and Frances Le Tissier (Say Your Prayers, Swan) and Director Musaab Mustafa (The Balkans) and all looked super classy (as they are!) for the special occasion.

Both the Guernsey Bailiff and his excellency, the lieutenant Governor, Richard Cripwell, also attended the event.Attendees to the 400 seat sellout Premiere screening were welcomed by Guernsey politician, Steve Falla.

The plot synopsis: Whilst Alex is covering the story of a serious boat accident, he revisits distorted memories of his loving girlfriend, Emily (Tilly Keeper), and his fisherman father (Murray McArthur). The investigation is for a mainland newspaper, a job offered by the chief editor (Tim McInnerny). Alex views the opportunity as his ticket off the island, a place where he feels trapped. The investigation is not as it first seems. The film was met with great applause from attendees and a clear buzz, with people discussing their many interpretations.

Some regional media has described it as Guernsey’s biggest film event of the century. The feature is a collaboration between Across the Channel Productions and Ivy Gate Films, with support from Guernsey Arts.

Musaab Mustafa( Director/Producer), Roger Le Tissier (Producer), Frances Le Tissier (Producer) and Cameron Ashplant (Producer)

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