The Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Tour – Live Concert & Contemporary Show Thursday 22 September

For one night only, Thursday 22 September, cinema audiences across the UK are invited to enjoy the incredible music of Mike Oldfield’s iconic Tubular Bells album, live in concert, alongside a breath-taking stage show – all to celebrate the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the ground-breaking album’s release. 50 years!! crikey, I remember listening to Tubular Bells (or rather some of it) on the soundtrack to The Exorcist and a few years later, sought out the album and many other albums of Mike Oldfield. Alongside Jean Michel Jarre, they are two of my favourite instrumental musicians. 

Whilst this will look amazing on cinema screens, I also hope that this concert film does get itself a bluray or DVD release as its definitely something I would watch several times.

The Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Tour – Concert & Live Contemporary Show (running at just over 90 minutes) was filmed at the world-famous Royal Festival Hall over three magical nights, this is an astonishing concert that will live long in the memory and visually is stunning. Thankfully there are no flashy edits that often appear in concert films but neither is this just a point at the stage and capture whats going on. Its a wonderfully put together film that is about as close to being sat in the ‘great seats’ as you’ll bet without actually being at the event itself.The film incorporates the beauty of the original music with really impressive modern dance, performance and acrobatic feats that create not only a visual treat but also a musical treat. Watching the acrobatics make remind me that I do need to make sure I don’t sit down at a keyboard all the time and I do need to get myself fit!  So, thanks impressive acrobats!    I think the last Mike Oldfield concert film I saw was Tubular Bells III which I actually rewatched only a few weeks ago. The Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Tour – Concert & Live Contemporary Show is easily the best filmed concert that I have seen of his, and does rank up against most other concert films too (or at least the ones I’ve seen)

But its not just Tubular Bells that we are treated to. We are also rewarded with  performances of Moonlight Shadow, Mike Oldfield’s biggest single hit, along with Summit Day, from his Guitars album, and The Gem, a new work by Musical Director Robin Smith.

Tubular Bells was originally placed on sale in May 1973, as the very first album released by Virgin Records. Initially, it was a slow burner, but once its opening theme was featured on the notorious The Exorcist soundtrack, its sales, and its reputation, soared.

The Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Tour – Concert & Live Contemporary Show, will be screening across the UK in cinemas, for one night only, on Thursday 22 September. ( and as id mentioned, I really hope this does get a home release in the near future- trust me! its worth it) 

Tubular Bells will be in UK Cinemas for one night only on 22nd September. 

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