The Windrush Warriors, a dramatic comedy exposing the infamous Windrush scandal launches crowdfunder and would love your assistance

The team behind The Windrush Warriors invite you to join them, to laugh with them and to cry with them as their theatrical show shares the story of one of the  most cruel & vindictive initiatives ever undertaken by a government

The Windrush Warriors is a show that exposes the despicable persecution of African-Caribbean people that began in the UK in 2017. Perpetrated by the Conservative government, this is a scandal of epic proportions that devastated lives & shattered families.

The Windrush Warriors is a comedy drama that highlights the resilience of black people in a time of crisis. The show is a life-affirming view of a group of survivors who imagined a peaceful retirement but have to deal with a serious, unexpected challenge. And how do they cope with the stress and anxiety generated by the Conservative government’s hostile environment? By fighting back. 

The team behind the show have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production costs of the show and would love you to donate anything you can, and if you cant donate then share the link across your social media channels in the hope that donations will drop in from those on your own timelines. their target is £2000 and the campaign runs until October 13th 2022.

Head over there, check out the perks (you can of course donate any amount and don’t need to select a perk if you don’t want)

You can find their Indiegogo page HERE

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