Brad Lawrence (Witch), Caitlin Florence Rose (De-Extinction), and Isobel Pearson (57a) join Trevor Hayward film ‘Netfear’

From writer/director Trevor Hayward comes Netfear, his latest project that moves into production. Filming hasnt yet begun but some of the cast have been announced. 
Brad Lawrence (Witch),  Caitlin Florence Rose (De-Extinction), and Isobel Pearson (57a) are lined up to take roles in the film which takes us into the world of  an independent software company that 2 years prior, released a deep core simulation program across all major streaming platforms.  What does this simulation do? Well if I say that it enables a user to communicate with the dead, does that peak your interest. it does mine!
But things didn’t work out too well for that software company and the programme was banned and removed from public domain and we can all work out why. But things return to the scary side of things when Rob buys a cheap laptop and guess which programme is still on it. Yep you guessed it Netfear. 
A Seventh Dream Ventures and Hornseywood Production.

Brad Lawrence

Isobel Pearson

Caitlin Florence Rose

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