Olga Kurylenko set to play the legendary warrior queen in ‘Boudica’ for Bleiberg Entertainment and Picture Perfect production.

Actor Olga Kurylenko who has featured in films such as Quantum Of Solace, Oblivion, Hitman, and Centurion is now set to star in the Bleiberg Entertainment and Picture Perfect film ‘Boudica which takes a trip to Cannes this month. Filming hasn’t yet begun on the film but is slated to begin filming in Wales this August and so the team behind the film are headed to the famous film festival to introduce it to film buyers. 

Boudica takes us into the story of famous Celtic warrior Boudicia, set around 60AD, who rules the Iceni people alongside her husband Prasutagus. When Prasutagus is killed at the hands of Roman soldiers, Boudica’s empire finds itself without a male heir and assets are seized by Rome.  Of course Boudicia doesnt take too kindly to that and sets out not only to avenge her husbands death and also rage a war against the Roman empire. 

Having seen many of the Picture Perfect films over the years, im always excited to see a new film they put out and will be keeping an eye on the production and journey of Boudicia.

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