Having a nice night in with Fresh, starring Sebastian Stan ,Daisy Edgar Jones and Jojo T Gibbs ( @FreshMovie )

I do like a good romantic driven movie. Not all the time, but from time to time, I like to see a film about the human connection from one person to another. This evening I sat down and watched ‘Fresh’, the feature film debut by Mimi Cave, written by Lauryn Khan and starring Sebastian Stan (Pam & Tommy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) ,Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People) as Steve and Noa and Jojo T. Gibbs (Twenties, Good Trouble) as Mollie (Noa’s best friend) 

After some failed dates, Noa bumps into Steve whilst grocery shopping and the two hit it off and from there a relationship is born. Any further plot details you don’t need to know. One of the many joys of film viewing for me is to know as little about a film as possible other than perhaps its title, its cast and maybe some of the crew who help put the film together. For ‘Fresh’ I hadn’t seen a trailer, read a review or even a plot description but I have seen social media chatter about this being a good film to watch, and so as I spend a lot of my time recommending films to other people through my podcasts and social media accounts, I like to make sure that I take recommendations from others when I can. 

So, as a gift from me to you. I highly recommend ‘Fresh’. Its a film that I wont go into too much detail about to make sure I don’t ruin any of the enjoyment that I’ve just had. ‘Fresh’ is the perfect blending of ingredients for a film, the cast and crew are on top form, the film looks glorious, the characters are most definitely interesting and the story we see unfold on the screen reflects the results of the work thats gone into the film.  Loved it!

In the US its on Hulu, and in the UK you can find the film on Disney Plus (Star)  

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