Scream Queen Dani Thompson joins cast of Jason Wright’s zombie beach movie ‘ZOMBIKINI’

Currently running a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo is the is the new film from Jason Wright and its definitely not something ive seen before. Never mind Sharknados or Velocipastors,  How about Zombikini’s

The story for Zombikini was conceived a few years back by filmmaker Jason Wright who came up with a trailer and then Lisa Edwards was brought onboard to help create the larger world into a feature length story ‘ Whilst there is still of course a lot not known about what we the viewers will see, the basic plot consists of a woman called Karyn who in order to help make her best friends hen do the best it can be  decides to steal some prototype hi-tech bikinis from her Fathers company for a test run with her friends. But daddy’s famous for cutting corners when it comes to bikini safety and so yes, things do go wrong! But what? Well the title will give a big old clue as to where the story heads.

Zombikini, is still adding cast members but already confirmed are horror icons Laurence R. Harvey and Dani Thompson, and we do know the film is being directed by zombie specialist Jason Wright.

Laurence R. Harvey most iconic role to date is, I think, his really disturbing performance as Martin in Tom Six’s Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), and he has since starred in many fun genre movies including Frankenstein Created Bikers, The House That Zombies Built and Liam Regan’s My Bloody Banjo.

Dani Thompson is one of my favourite people and who’s filmography is filled with genre films such as Serial Kaller, Axe to Grind, PandaMonium, Beyond Fury and of course Bad Moon Rising in which I myself feature in a couple of scenes.

The premise for Zombikini sounds great and with the cast announcements and Jasons involvement, the film will be a ton of fun!   More news will be released soon of course but for now you can help this team hit their funding goal by perhaps donating to their Indiegogo campaign which you can find here or if you arent able to donate, please share their page link (or even this link) across your social media platforms.  the campaign does have some great looking perks to range most prices and of course you always have the option to donate without a claiming a perk. Every £1 or $1 helps.

I cant wait to see Zombikini and hear more about this film!

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