Max Reload, pure escapism, and pure joy!

A small town video game store clerk must go from zero to hero after accidentally unleashing the forces of evil from a cursed Colecovision (you can Google Colecovision, yes it was a thing) video game cartridge in this fantastically nostalgic and fun film from directors Scott Conditt, Jeremy Tremp which is littered with so many fun 80s nostalgia easter eggs (even though the film is set in the here and now) fans of 80s films and those who lived through that glorious decade will be not only paying attention to the razor sharp dialogue and storyline, but will also be checking out the things that are going on in the background just to make sure they catch as much as possible.

To say I enjoyed Max Reload And The Nether Blasters is a huge understatement. This film was just what I needed this week. I needed to leap straight into pure escapism and that’s what I did and I landed very safely indeed in the hands of this movie. From its great casting (including a fanatic uber geek role for Greg Grunberg) to the main cast of Video Game Store ‘clerks’ (who’s boss is Kevin Smith, playing Chuck), the film fires on all cylinders (which is more than can be said the the DeLorean in the film) Shout out to the man main three leads Tom Plumley (Max) Hassie Harrison ( Lizzie) and Joey Morgan (Reggie) who should most definitely appear in follow ups to this film (I really do hope there are)

Yes in case you weren’t paying attention, I highly recommend this film, and with dashes of Stranger Things, Wargames, and even Shaun of the Dead, you’ll get a real kick out of this film. We all know what it’s like when you have finished a film and you still have a big old smile on your face, long after the credits have finished. Well Max Reload And The Nether Blasters, has caused that effect!

Max Reload And The Nether Blasters was screened as part of May Madness virtual festival by Grimmfest

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