Don’t Look Back by Jeffrey Reddick ( @JeffreyaReddick ) released on DVD and Digital from 14th June.

From Writer/Director Jeffrey Reddick comes Don’t Look Back (also known as Good Samaritan) a wonderfully crafted thriller that takes us on the journey of Caitlin Kramer who whilst dealing with the after effects of losing her Father in a house invasion, is out in the park one day and witnesses (along with others)  a man being beaten to death.  When Caitlin and the other witnesses fail to intervene they find themselves targeted by someone, or is it something, out for revenge.

Starting with a brutally realistic of news reel footage, Jeffrey tells us that what we are about to see is no comedy, and he isnt wrong. Dont Look Back is a smart thriller which will get you talking about ‘what would you do’ if you were in the situation Caitlin is in, would you intervene, or not get involved. Whilst its very easy to decide before the event, its a little more difficult once you find yourself face to face with violence.

Jeffrey in his feature directorial debut has crafted a fantastic thriller which holds you from the opening seconds, and doesnt let go until the end. Whilst the film will of course appeal to horror fans, the film also works just as well (if not better) as a psychological thriller in the same way The Omen does, or even Final Destination ( written by Jeffrey Reddick). You can watch this film and see the paranormal elements to the plot to it, or you can view the film without those those, its perfectly balanced and works either way with no lesser enjoyment whichever mindset you watch it with.

Visually great, wonderfully casted (especially Kourtney Bell as Caitlin) and a great directing (and writing) job by Jeffrey Reddick, with Don’t Look Back, being his feature length debut, Im very excited to see what he has in store for us next 

Dazzler Media presents Don’t Look Back, a tense and terrifying new horror from the creator of Final Destination, released on DVD & Digital from 14th June.

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