Barry The Hatchet announces cast and filming dates.

Whilst it is still a ways off release, its been announced that the horror film Barry the Hatchet is currently in pre-production and is the latest work from Writer/Director Bobby Blood (Hell Nurse). 
‘Urban legend has it that the mysterious disappearances of numerous campers are the work of a troubled boy named Barry, who was abandoned in the woods 25 years earlier by his devoutly religious parents after he murdered his day care mates back in 1960’.
Horror actresses attached to the cast and set to star are Laura Ellen Wilson (Monster, Surprise), Julie Ann Prescott (The Amityville Harvest, Clown Motel: Spirits Arise) and Nailya Shakirova (Betrothed).
Production is tentatively scheduled to begin spring 2022, with locations including Studio City, California and Flagstaff, Arizona.
Actor Laura Wilson
Actor Nailya Shakirova
Actor Julie Ann Prescott

For other cast announcements you can check out their IMDB page here  

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