Sweet Street, a UK Short film that gives us a glimpse into the life of Isabella.

At only 15 minutes long, Sweet Street is a new short film by UK filmmaker Coz Greenop (Dark Beacon) and takes us into the world of Isabella (Ariadna Cabrol), a sex worker who in what seems like a very cold and miserable world, finds a glimpse of happiness in the short time we spend with her.  Beautifully filmed with a great score and great performances by the cast, if there is one thing that lets the film down its the running time. These characters look interesting and we the viewer needed more time with them than the 15 minutes of screen time, but heres hoping that Sweet Street is a ‘teaser’ of a feature length production which will let us know get to know Isabella that bit more. 

Great work by all involved and you can watch the film for free on the Britflicks YouTube Channel here. Make sure you log into your Youtube channel as this film is certified 18. 

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