More amazing award winning horror and genre films are being added to the Grimmfest TV online channel ( @GrimmfestTv )

After the successful launch of Grimmfest TV on the 20/4/20, UK based GRIMMFEST, one of Europe’s most prestigious genre film festivals, is delighted to announce that new titles will be added to the channel every week.
A new TV channel dedicated to horror films of all types, through which viewers can access exciting features and shorts from the Grimmfest archives for free while the world is in lockdown, GRIMMFEST TV is available at:

Two award winning shorts will hit GRIMMFEST TV were added at the start of this month. Part body-horror, part ghost-story, Ben Steiner’s THE STOMACH has played at over 200 festivals, won awards all round the world and had its UK premiere at Grimmfest
a few years back. MYSTERY BOX, a slick, stylish, mind bending ‘cabin in the woods’ movie from
Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, the amazing Swedish directing duo behind PUPPETMASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH and WITHER, had its UK premiere at Grimmfest 2018.

Festival Director Simeon Halligan said “Right now, its impossible to access cinemas or screening events in most countries, so we wanted to give something back to all of the amazing genre film fans out there, stuck at home. Grimmfest has been busy curating content that includes award winning horror shorts and features that premiered at recent editions of the festival. The films will be available to view for free,
while everyone is in lockdown.” GRIMMFEST TV launched with a fine selection of over 25 short films and 7 features including Grimmfest 2018 best short award winner, WE SUMMONED A DEMON, Grimmfest 2017 opening night feature, HABIT, Rob Grant’s (HARPOON) horror comedy MON AMI and the suitably virus themed LA CONTAGION.

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