4DX AR’ Platform to Open New Business Opportunities for the Gaming and Entertainment Industry

CJ 4DPLEX (www.cj4dx.com), the world’s leading cinema technology company, announced  that it would unveil an indoor AR platform at CES 2020, transforming the physical space into an alternate reality without confinement of space.

Whereas high precision AR experience was only available through the use of high-end AR glasses, CJ 4DPLEX is developing an innovative ‘4DX AR’ platform accessible by a mobile phone by integrating the computer vision technology. Using Resonai’s Vera, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) platform that converts any physical space into an intelligent digital environment, the ‘4DX AR’ platform allows anyone to enjoy indoor entertainment and conveniences such as games and navigation guides in accordance to various spatial characteristics of large retail spaces such as the cinema, shopping mall complexes, and theme parks. The company also collaborated with Teeny Studio and FINGEREYES to develop a demo for the new AR platform.

As a new form of lobby entertainment, the technology can lead to the increase in spending time for the consumers, and significant increase in sales – an attractive feature for the owners of large retail spaces. The platform will also be able to navigate visitors to different attractions within the venue, which can function as an effective marketing tool.

The new ‘4DX AR’ platform applies advanced computer vision technology that recreates elements of a mobile game that completely blends with the real world. The technology will also introduce an indoor navigation system that will allow the users to enjoy the game without any lags or interference unlike conventional AR games currently in the market.

Until now, the characters in conventional AR games could not differentiate real space with virtual objects resulting in overlap of the two, whereas the new game that utilizes the ‘4DX AR’ platform will recognize the subtle differences of real space and virtual objects, allowing characters to go through or even hide behind real spaces such as the wall. Participants will have to overcome a series of quests in a single or multi-player form.

A demo of the game will be available for attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Tech East, South Hall 1, Booth # 20918 from January 7-10.

There are endless possibilities with the AR platform, as the computer vision technology can be integrated with preexisting content IPs or games in development to create various interactive multiplayer AR contents in the future. CJ with 4DPLEX aims to integrate IoT technology and AR technology so that all things provided by IoT service can be interacted via AR technology.

“We are excited to showcase our indoor AR platform at CES 2020, said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “There are endless possibilities on how to develop this platform into a viable commercial product, and we look forward to collaborating with content providers and exhibitors who are interested in showing the customers a new way to experience AR games.”

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