What happened to the kids from The Ewok Adventures: Caravan Of Courage? #starwars

Wicket the Ewok (played by Warwick Davis ) and his friends agree to help two shipwrecked human children, Mace and Cindel, on a quest to find their parents.. In this 1984 television spin off from Return Of The Jedi, the budgets are lower and story doesnt really involve the Empire and new characters are introduced in this film feature film that first aired in November 1984. But what happened to the two actors who played Mace and Cindel? First up is Mace (played by Eric Walker). Eric first appeared in the 1982 film The Circle Family where he played Morris and then racked up another couple of television films before appearing in the John Corty directed Ewok adventure which was written by George Lucas, but what has become of Eric? Did he stop acting or did he carry on?

Well he carried on and only seems to have dropped off the screen around 2006 with his role as Agent Derek Heimy in Shadows In The Woods, a story inspired by the works of Ed Wood.   Whilst he hasnt appeared on screen since 2006, Eric has been super busy over the years and is now a successful music producer whos albums including Tangier Dream, and Brand New Day and more, are available on his official website https://ericwalkermusic.com/  

Eric’s site has a wealth of info on there including CDs, autographs and tee shirts. It always fascinates me what makes people change careers, and its great to see that Eric Walker didnt stop acting but instead decided that by learning the piano he could craft his creativity into other avenues. I shall be seeking out some of Eric’s music and giving it a listen.

So this brings us to Aubree Miller who played Cindel in The Ewok Adventure, and who first appeared onscreen in the 1984 Endor movie, and whos only other feature appearance was in the follow up Ewok film 1985’s The Battle For Endor. Now Aubree is a trickier person to track down with the most recent appearance being at a comic con in 2005, and no acting credits beyond the Ewok films. There is an IMDB mention of a credit as an editorial assistant on the 2012 film The Message byt other than that, Aubree is……well I am not totally sure. Hopefulyl she is happy and working at whatever she chooses to work as. Whatever it is, it doesnt seem to include any Ewoks.

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