Checking out Star Wars:Rise of Skywalker #nospoilers #riseofskywalker #starwars

It feels strange to know that I may have seen the final Star Wars film to feature a Skywalker family member. (you never know, they might continue it) I was there in 1977 (aged 6 years old, but I dont really recall the film, but do know I was there) and I was there in the line for the cinema for each Star Wars sage film right through the original trilogy and the prequels and the sequels. (I didnt venture to the cinema for Solo:A Star Wars Story or Rogue One: A Star Wars Story though, not did I bother with Ewoks:Caravan of Courage or Ewoks:Battle for Endor, those I watched on VHS and DVD when they hit home release) Star Wars has always been a part of my life as far as I can remember and other than Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, I have enjoyed them all)

Over the years I have met many people who played a part in the films in one way or another,I collected the figures, posters, soundtracks, audio plays (those are great by the way) and over the years have had many t-shirts that contained the logo. Needless to say I am a Star Wars fan. It was with nervousness that I watched the sequels and especially The Rise Of Skywalker as even though I was excited by the thought of a conclusion to the Skywalker saga, I was also pondering how they could end  a 9 film arc (technically 10 if you count Rogue One which does feature Leia Skywalker)

So what did I think of Star Wars:The Rise of Skywalker (dont worry, I wont even talk about the plot, so there are no spoilers here) Well I really enjoyed it, visually it was stunning, the music score by John Williams was once again epic work by the Master himself and even though the film moves at a rapid rapid pace, I kept up with the journey. There are of course moments in the film make you go ‘ummm’ but I was still cool with that, after all those things can happen in life cant they, people doing things that make you think ‘ermm, ummm’

For those who are fans of Game of Thrones, they will also be familiar with the ‘how do you end such an epic story’ scenario and I think Star Wars faces the same issue, how do you end a story that began 42 years ago, has spanned 13 films, (yes im counting the Ewok movies) and to finish that story in a 2 hour plus film. Add to that when one of the main cast members (Carrie Fisher) passed away after the first two films were shot and the third chapter was due to be Leias story, this was always going to be a task and a half. But JJ Abrams and his team I think have done it, they have crafted a lovely finale to the Skywalker chapter and I for one loves every moment of the near 2 and a half hour epic film.

As the internet battles with itself (loved it, hated it) I wanted to put my own words here, and those are that this latest Star Wars FILM, is a fun ride, and looking at the reviews for the FILM, it is a little divisive but thankfully doesnt appear to have spawned the hatred of The Last Jedi (which I also really enjoyed)  Its a film folks! Yes be passionate about film, but dont let a film turn you to the dark side, and cause hate and suffering to those who did pay their money, sit in a dark theatre and escape Earth for a couple of hours to watch this fantastical film featuring laser swords, light travel, and magical wizard type characters as they fly through the galaxy. Its entertainment, and entertained I was.

I will always hold the original trilogy (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi) in higher regard of course, as I saw those films through the eyes of my child self, I knew no spoilers saw no trailers, and didnt know how films were made, I grew up with Luke, Han, Chewbacca, R2, Threepio, Leia and Darth, Nostalgia is a powerful thing, but all in all, the new cast have done a fantastic job and it must have been a dream come true for them to become part of Star Wars lore. It was also so lovely to see actor Josef Altin pop up in the film as Vnik, a resistance pilot. Ive been a fan of Josef;s work for years and am so envious of the roles he has had over the years from Game of Thrones, to Misfits and now, in what im sure is one of the coolest moments of his acting life (so far) Star Wars Episode 9. Nicely done Joe!

May The Force Be With You!



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