3 Days With Dad comes to our screens soon starring Tom Arnold, Larry Clarke, and Julie Ann Emery ( @julieannemery )

3 Days With Dad follows a manic Roman Catholic family who is preparing for the death of their dying father, Bob (played by Brian Dennehy). He’s still alive and kicking, but knows his fate. Eddie (played by Larry Clarke), the son supposedly in charge, isn’t ready for any of this, especially having to deal with his stepmother, Dawn (played by Lesley Ann Warren). Together with his siblings, Eddie struggles over many end-of-life decisions, including potentially pulling the plug should the time come – all in front of a dying Bob, who argues that while he’s still alive, he’s calling the shots.


Tom Arnold,

Larry Clarke,

Julie Ann Emery,

Mo Gaffney,

Jon Gries,

Eric Edelstein,

J.K. Simmons,

Lesley Ann Warren,

Brian Dennehy

On Limited Cinema Release September 13th 

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