Treat yourself to some Mayhem on Shudder ( @shudder ) ( @shudder_uk ) #movies

As my journey through Shudder continues, I had limited time this week to catch up on more than one film, but the one film that I did check out on the horror streaming platform was an absolute treat.

When we first meet Derek Cho (played by Steven Yeun) he takes up a job at law firm working his way up the corporate ladder over a few years.However Mayhem isnt a John Grisham film, oh no, Mayhem is a fun rollercoaster of a film that mixes Dereks time in his corner office and throws a rage and other emotion inducing virus into the mix causing a SWAT team to seal the building off whilst the virus rages inside the glass tower. When Derek is framed by a co worker (brilliantly played by The Passage’s Caroline Chikezie) Derek enlists the help of  Melanie (played by Samara Weaving) to ‘storm the castle’ and right some wrongs.

This film is brilliantly insane and full of energy, with enough fight scenes to keep action fans happy, enough blood splatter to keep horror fans drooling, and enough comedic tone to make sure the film isnt bleak turned up to 11.Director Joe Lynch, with a story by Matius Caruso have delivered such a fun ride of a movie that will definitely entertain fun film fans, and whilst the movie reminded me of a cross between Cockneys V Zombies (a recent classic British film), mixed with The Raid, and some 28 Days Later thrown in. Mayhem is a perfect blend of those films which results in a highly original film that warrants your attention.

Check it out on Shudder


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