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Justin Hayward is an actor and producer with a great list of credits behind him and am sure there are more great ones in front of him too.First appearing in one of my favourite films Cockneys v Zombies in 2012, Justin has gone onto appear in over 40 roles including Adventure Boyz, 13 Graves, and Invasion of the Not Quite Dead. Justin took some time out to answer the preset Spending time With questions and I thank you for that. You can say hi to him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/justinhayward

Here we go. Spending Time With…Justin K Hayward


What’s the most ‘starstruck’ you have been?

That’s a really tricky question because it happens all the time! I’m constantly in awe of many amazing people who put themselves out there and do a brilliant job creating fantastic characters. One memorable one was working with Eddie Marsan on ‘Still Life’. I literally couldn’t talk to him, he’s an amazing actor.

What was one of the most memorable films you saw as a child?

Star Wars. 

What is one of the best pieces of advice you can remember being given?

Keep your powder dry.

Have you ever gotten someone’s autograph? Which is the most memorable for you?

I haven’t. I’m not really into collecting things like that.

Do you have any traditions that you have when you are involved in a project?

Yes, I try to do my best!

What was the most recent book you read?

‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman

Out of all the projects youve been involved with which one do you feel the most proud of?

That’s really tricky. I’m really proud of Marc Zammit for ‘Homeless Ashes’ and Antony Lane for ‘Invasion of the Not Quite Dead’. I really enjoyed doing ‘Sempre’ by Dina Elsayed as well, but I think anyone who finished a film deserved huge kudos as it’s such a massive thing to pull off.

What film scares you?

John Carpenters The Thing

What is the ONE single coolest movie geek thing you own?

A cinema programme from the original cartoon version of the Hobbit, does that count?

When you are being interviewed Do you prefer ‘interviews’ face to face, over the phone/podcast or by email?

Email 🙂

When a film or TV show comes out that you are in, what one person do you want to watch it first?

My wife.

What was the last album you listened to?

‘Stars’ by Jan Garbarek

With regards to your own projects? What are you working on that you can tell me about?

Later in the year I’ll be popping up to Whitby to work on an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation called ‘The Shadow over Whitby’. I’m also working on a film trilogy called ‘Scowling Dusk’, playing multiple characters which is extremely challenging. There’s also ‘Next Door’ by Matt Shaw which I’m not sure what I’m doing in yet but knowing him it’ll be bloody!

Let’s shine a light on some of your past work. Which of your projects are you most proud of?

It’s going back years now but it was definitely achieving my dream of playing Anatoly in the Edinburgh premiere of ‘Chess The Musical’. If grown up singing along to the record in my parents basement and to perform Anthem in front of 300 people per night was an unforgettable experience.

Do you remember who got your first autograph?

I think it was a lovely guy who has now sadly passed away. He asked me to sign his copy of my book ‘The Luck Particle’. 

If you can sit down with any one living person and chat to them for two hours? Who would you choose?

Terry Gilliam.

What’s the most difficult thing about your creative journey?

The anxiety.

And, the flipside. What’s the most enjoyable for you?

Knowing you smashed it when you’ve done your best work. The feeling is amazing.



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