Steven Berkoff’s Harvey, his bold and daring performance investigating the psyche of disgraced Hollywood film mogul, Harvey Weinstein now available on DVD.

Harvey is the unmissable performance from acclaimed British stage and screen legend Steven Berkoff, investigating the psyche of ‘The Beast’ and going where no one else dares, inside the head of disgraced Hollywood film mogul, Harvey Weinstein.
Hot on the heels of a much talked-about play at The Playground Theatre in London, Harvey has been filmed and captured, making it available to a wider audience who can now experience the raw, uncompromising and intimate nature of Berkoff’s latest work. Harvey is available on DVD with an exclusive, insightful interview discussing the impulses and motivations behind the play. Written, performed and directed by Steven Berkoff. 

Harvey is available now on DVD. Visit
Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains (presented by Steven Berkoff) is available now on DVD and Digital Download
The new book, The Complete Works of Steven Berkoff, is released later in 2019 and published by Routledge

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