check out the Bad Times At The El Royale #movies

Written and Directed  by Drew Goddard ( The Cabin Of The Woods) brings us Bad Times At The El Royale, a wonderfully unique and stylish tale set in the year 1969. When several strangers, most of them with secrets meet by chance at Lake Tahoe’s El Royale,hotel the story broadens with each characters tale and the reasons for them being at the El Royale, being shown to us over the next 2 hrs and 15 minutes.

I had heard such good things about the film when it hit cinemas in 2018 and now that the film is out on DVD and Blu Ray, I thought I would check it out. I will admit to being about 10 minutes into the film and not being sure If I would enjoy the film, but that feeling soon vanished and I was ‘into it’ with its wonderful mix of characters and stories keeping me guessing in the same way Quentin Tarantinos The Hateful Eight took a similar premise to this one. Take a bunch of mysterious characters,put them in a setting and dont let them leave, then let the story unfold over its running time. For me Bad Times At The El Royale outshone QT’s film although youd be a rare person if you didnt see some of the style of QT’s work in Drew Goddards film.

The use of ‘chapters’ the use of flash backs and just the general feel of the film has hints of earlier Tarantino projects, but this isnt Quentins film, this film belongs to Drew and the entire cast and crew and they have done a wonderful job of taking what could have been yet another run of the mill ‘why are they there and what are they doing’ in injecting it with style, great music tracks, and a super talented cast in a brilliantly written plot set in a stunning film set.

Definitely check out Bad Times At The El Royale, its a treat and when you see people complaining that cinema just doesnt do anything new, then this films for them.


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