Sleepless, starring Jamie Foxx #movies

I decided that this weekend was a perfect weekend to catch up on a few films that have been sitting on my shelf for a little while. It was the prefect weekend as here in the UK, the weather was scorching and I had finished a busy week at my day job. My fridge was filled with cold drinks and snacks and I sat down to hopefully discover some gem movies. But how did I do?

First up was the 2017 film Sleepless, starring Jamie Foxx (Ray, Miami Vice), Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible III), David Harbor (Stranger Things) and more.  Starting off with a great night time car chase, followed by gun battle in the streets of Las Vegas, Sleepless tells the story of the after effects of a 25 kilo cocaine robbery committed by two less than honest police officers. Things take a turn for the even more serious when the young son of Vincent (played by Jamie Foxx) is kidnapped by the drug lords in order to force the crooked law enforcement offices to hand back the drugs and get things back on track. The film might well be predictable but films like this are still a ton of fun even when you know where they are headed, does every film have to have ‘oh my god, i never saw that coming’ moments. I think not. Its fun and its easy to watch. For fans of Jamie Foxx, this role is more along the lines of his role as Tubbs in Miami Vice than anything more serious than that, but its still a decent addition to his filmography.  The film is well put together and whilst it wont make my Top 10 films viewed this year. It certainly wouldnt make any ‘its not worth watching’ lists either. When watching it you might feel that you are watching a procedural TV show with its slick editing and fast pace, but thats all cool. It was 94 minutes well worth spending in front of the television.



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